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The Refiners May Be a Good Bet for Dividend Seekers

It’s been a pretty interesting ride for the energy sector over the last year or so. Already suffering from the U.S./China trade war, much of the global energy complex was hit hard by the global pandemic. As we stayed at home, quarantined and reduced driving, demand dwindled and energy prices crashed. This downturn affected the entire energy complex. From producers to pipeline firms, the pandemic dug in hard.

But things are starting to change for the better in the energy industry. And one often ignored sector seems poised to win big and provide plenty of cash flows, dividends and gains for investors.

We’re talking about the downstream sector.

The refiners have seen profits rise as demand has continued to pick up. Meanwhile, margins continue to remain robust. With their already high dividends and low valuations, the major downstream players could be a top bet for income seekers this year.

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