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Power Filters

Having all the data in the world is useless if you can’t drill down into it and pull out what you need.

And let’s face facts, investing throws off a lot of data.’s Power Filter feature can help on this front. Designed to make searching for suitable investments easier, the various Power Filters can lessen the time advisors and individual investors spend digging through all the data and tables that are offered on the site.

Leaning on our award-winning Ratings system and dividend change data, Power Filters allow investors the ability to quickly search for five different metrics. These include:

  • Rating upgrades
  • Rating downgrades
  • Best-rated stocks within our Ratings system
  • Firms that increased their dividends
  • Firms that decreased their dividends

Power Filters allow investors to see quickly across stocks, mutual funds and ETFs tracked by With the tool, users can spend less time focusing on funneling research and get right into stocks or funds that matter.

The beauty is that these filters are available on any table page throughout Located at the top of each table page, investors can quickly toggle on the five categories of Power Filters to meet their search needs. This means investors can easily and rapidly see top-ranked stocks when searching for various sectors, sub-industries and curated lists such as high-yielding dividend payers.

power filters

The “best of the best” is right at investors finger tips. They can then spend more time focusing on deep research in individual names rather than combing through endless data to get a lead. Using our Power Filters tool makes investment selection a breeze.