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Payout Estimate

For investors looking to live off their dividends in retirement or supplement their income now, predicting stable streams of cash flow is vital. Noone likes a hiccup or cut to their payouts.’s Payout Estimate tool helps on this front.

Using a proprietary algorithm, our tool is able to analyze and predict future dividend payouts from a wide range of stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), closed-end funds, REITs, MLPs, ADRs and mutual funds.

The algorithm first combs stocks with multiple consecutive payouts. From here, the system will look at the variability of those dividends to make a prediction. Using various factors like dividend-growth rates and payout frequencies, our Payout Estimate tool can show a stock’s dividend increase or decrease potential. Dates for future payouts are based on historical payment trends.

Investors can use the tool to learn exactly what their future income may be and to also help with financial planning. This can be especially beneficial for retirees for whom dividends from investments are a high portion of income.

The tool can be found on a variety of pages located on including every ticker page. After selecting a ticker, the tool can be located at the top of the page. Here, investors can get a bird’s-eye view of a stock’s next payout, whether or not it has been announced or if it’s an estimate. Investors can also see the payout change in both dollars and percentages. The below screen-shot shows the tool for Apple’s ticker page.

AAPL next dividend

Scrolling further down, each page contains a complete payout estimate section, which provides estimates for the next years’ worth of dividends from a stock, ETF, or fund.

Payout estimates are also located on every table page under the “Next Dividend” tab. Investors are quickly able to research dividend payments when looking at sectors, sub-industries, and other lists. This can help them to decide between investments and building a growing income stream into the future.

Ex-dividend table

Rather than simply focusing on previous payouts and blindly guessing about tomorrow, investors using’s Payout Estimates tool allows investors and their advisors concrete evidence about their future income. This can help to create more robust streams of dividends as well as help investors meet their goals, both today and tomorrow.