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Dividend Policy Changes

No one likes a surprise. This is especially true when it comes to your income or investments. Knowing what your dividend paying stocks, mutual funds and ETFs are paying now and in the future is of utmost importance. And that’s what’s Dividend Policy Changes tool is designed to do.

Located on every ticker page, the tool is designed to give investors a heads-up on what is happening with a firm’s payout. This can include increases, decreases or cuts, whether they’ve just started or restarted their dividend journeys, as well as dreaded dividend suspensions. The tool also announces any special or one-time payouts that a stock may have. The legible and color-coded text bar makes seeing a stock’s payout changes easy.

Just as important as knowing a dividend stock’s policy change is knowing the magnitude of that change – and our tool provides this information as well. Located on the main ticker page for any security listed on, investors can see just how big or small an increase or decrease was, both in terms of percentage and dollar amount. Users can also see other pertinent information relative to that payout including the next payout date. You can see from this screenshot of investment manager BlackRock (BLK) where the policy changes tool is populated.

BLK next dividend

This information also serves as the ingredients for five separate lists. Here, users can quickly access lists of stocks, mutual funds and ETFs that had:

Rather than comb through hundreds of individual ticker pages, users can quickly find stocks that meet their goals with regards to their next dividend.

This policy change information is also available on the various sector and screening pages. By clicking the next dividend tab, investors can easily see dividend information for the stocks in the table. This includes critical dates for the dividend, dollar amount and color-coded policy changes.

high dividend stocks table

Keeping abreast of your dividends is vital for any investors or financial advisor. The Dividend Policy Change tool allows for investors to quickly and easily see what’s going on with stocks they own or want to research. With this information available through lists and on table pages, users can swiftly screen for future investments to meet their goals.