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Compare Sticky Row

Tables are wonderful things. They can quickly allow us to compare data for a variety of investments.

The problem is that when tables are too long and there’s tons of scrolling involved, it can be hard to make a comparison. This is especially true when you’re comparing things at opposite ends of a table.’s Sticky Rows allows investors to “hold” rows at the top when scrolling through the rest of the table.

Any list on allows this feature, including stocks, ETFs and funds, as well as curated tables like high-yielding dividend stocks. Users can essentially “pin” multiple rows to the top of the table and scroll through the rest. This allows investors to keep these pinned rows highlighted while being able to compare them to the rest of the table. Different metrics like expenses, return profile and next dividend can be quickly contrasted with these pinned rows. As you can see by the following example for technology ETFs.

sticky rows on technology sector table

The beauty is that investors can make security comparisons on the fly and build better portfolios. For example, by sticking three different real estate funds together, you can see which ETF is the most expensive to own and costs the most fees. You can rapidly look at the merits of three consumer staples stocks, by comparing their returns, dividend yields and growth rates. Need to boost overall current income? Sticking three high-yielding stocks together allows you to make a more informed decision on potential dividend blow-ups and variability of income.

At the end of the day, tables are only good if you can easily access and see all the data. With’s Sticky Rows feature, investors and financial advisors can simply pin three rows and access all the information in our tables. The result is better informed investment decisions and ease of research.