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Value Stocks Finally Get a Chance To Shine

Long have market pundits battled over growth stocks vs. value stocks. Lately, growth has been on top in a big way. With low interest rates, a slow-moving economy and a general focus on technology in our lives, investors have flocked to firms offering high rates of growth – and this fact has been persisting since the end of the Great Recession. That long win for growth stocks has flipped the historical return relationship between growth and value on its head. Some pundits have even said that value investing is now dead. But, they may not want to write value stocks obituaries just yet.

With bond yields rising and the economy moving out of the pandemic’s huge hit on global markets, value stocks are starting to wake up in a big way. Meanwhile, it looks like a new bear market is forming in growthier names. For investors, especially dividend seekers, the recent return to value stocks could be a major win for portfolios.

You can find an updated list of common stocks and dividend-paying ETFs and mutual funds that are increasing their next dividend here.

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