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Global Technology Giant With More Than 15 Years of Dividend Growth Strengthens Position on Best Dividend Stocks List

Arguably, cloud computing is one of the biggest trends in the world of technology. These days, more and more of our lives – both working and personal – are based in the cloud. So, if you’re a firm that offers cloud computing software and services, these could be halcyon days. You only need to look at the latest results from our technology best dividend stock to see this in action. Overall revenue surged by more than 15% in the latest quarter, with the cloud, A.I. and other services driving the show.

Overall, our pick continues to be in the right place at the right time, and its transition to a cloud computing giant is a success. But our pick isn’t done yet.

It continues to use the power of its platform to move into tangential areas. Our pick has already conquered the cloud for productivity, infrastructure, healthcare and on-demand entertainment. Its latest moves include partnerships for the transpiration and smart-vehicle sector. Thanks to some new deals and start-up ventures, our pick is looking to power the next generation of E.V.s and offer A.I. solutions to drive these vehicles. Given the size and scale of electric/smart vehicle adoption, this could be a huge addressable market for our pick.

In the end, our pick continues to find new growth avenues to drive its sales, cash flows and profits.

What it really means is that our pick will remain a shareholder reward machine, with dividend and buyback growth continuing far into the future. This makes our pick a top way to score growth and income over the long haul.

To summarize, here are five reasons why you should own this stock:

  • Power of its cloud platform has continued to boost earnings – by more than 30% in the last quarter alone!
  • New forays into the E.V. space are likely to provide a huge runway for future growth.
  • Businesses are turning to our pick to run its cloud software, adding a one-two punch of extra sales!
  • Has grown its dividend for 15+ years straight, with its latest increase being nearly 10%.
  • Healthy payout ratio of 33% and growing yield of 0.97%.

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