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Launching New Top-Rated Dividend Lists has long been the favorite destination for income investors. To live up to that expectation, our team has constantly tried to improve the user experience to get the most out of our proprietary data and content, including the recent launch of new dividend ticker pages. This round of updates and modern design has brought readers two exciting innovative tools – Payout Estimates and Next Dividend Policy Changes – that allow investors and their advisors to plan their income in a systematic manner.

But isn’t done yet.

That’s why we’re pleased to launch our new Top-Rated Dividend Lists tailored to different investment objectives and risk appetites. The heart of has long been our much-lauded Rating system. Our model uses real-time data to rate stocks as well as dividend-focused ETFs across five key dividend metrics. Our system assigns an easily digestible and comparable score for each security. With it, investors can methodically compare investment opportunities and find the best fit for their portfolios.

Accessing the Missing Piece

Until now, investors only had the ability to view the top picks based on an overall Rating. However, with our new top-rated dividends list, investors now also have the ability to dig deeper into a security’s overall rating and focus only on picks that are winning in each individual metric. Not only that, we at know it very well that not all investors are alike. So, with our new lists, investors can tailor their portfolios to suit varying investment preferences and risk appetites.

Apart from being able to view the top dividend picks based on an overall Rating, investors can now also view top dividend picks separately by each of the different rating metrics, aka:

  • Highest Safe Dividend Yields
  • Most Reliable Payout Ratios
  • Most Reliable Valuations
  • Most Reliable Earnings Growth
  • Best Price Momentum

For example, investors looking for the highest yielding and the safest income opportunities could take a look at our ‘Highest Safe Dividend Yields’. Under this list, users tap into our model’s metric that rates dividend picks based on the strength of their dividend yield relative to an ideal safe range.

We’re looking for picks that aren’t all about yield nor do they offer minuscule payouts. Our new list offers users picks that not only have a top overall Rating, but also score high on the yield attractiveness factor of our proprietary rating system.

Dividend Stocks With The Highest Safe Yields - Nov 30 2020

In a similar way, the

  • ‘Top-Rated List for Dividend Reliability’ allows investors to specifically focus only on picks that have a high overall Rating and are not overpaying their dividends (i.e. payout ratio must fall within an ideal range of our model). Here, investors can be rest assured that their income will be steady and also potentially increase.
  • ‘Top-Rated List for Dividend Uptrend’ taps into picks trading for reasonable valuations when looking at the broader market and sector averages. With this list, investors can find potential bargains as the picks would have an ideal combination of a high Rating and a strong score on the dividend uptrend metric.

Accessing these lists gives investors the ability to see which dividend picks have strong fundamentals in the current economic environment, ensuring them steady income and/or healthy total returns.

When combining our new lists with’s expanded coverage across individual stocks, ADRS, REITs, MLPs and now more than 200 dividend-focused ETFs, individual investors and their advisors have the opportunity to build a portfolio suited to any investment goal.

Even better is that all of this new data and research have been optimized with full-width tables and streamlined for a seamless desktop, tablet and mobile experience.

Most Reliable Earnings Growth - Nov 30 2020

The Bottom Line was already winning in terms of making it easier to evaluate various income opportunities – and now it’s even better. Investors now have the ability to dig into our much-lauded Rating system and search for opportunities by evaluating their picks in terms of each of the five individual metrics of the rating system. To top it all, now investors have an option to use the new lists and customize their portfolios based on their specific investment objectives and risk appetites.

We hope you enjoy our new top-rated lists and would love to hear what you think. Believe it or not, but there’s more in the pipeline we can’t wait to launch for you. Stay tuned!