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Launching New Dividend Increasers and Decreasers Lists

Thanks to our tools, lists and prolific Rating system, countless investors and their advisors have been able to find winning opportunities for their portfolios and meet their financial goals. With that goal in mind, the team here at has worked hard to bring you exciting new products and changes.

We are proud to introduce our new Dividend Increasers and Decreasers Lists.

Expanding on our Next Dividend Policy Change feature, which we introduced on our ticker page a while ago, our new lists allow investors to take control of future income streams. These days, there is a lot of uncertainty within the market. The coronavirus pandemic, geopolitical concerns and overall economic malaise has created a wave of dividend cuts, suspensions and bankruptcies among the various sectors and industries. More than fifty S&P 500 firms decreased or suspended their payouts in the second quarter of this year alone.

For investors relying on dividends for their income – especially during retirement – the current market situation poses a huge quandary. It is critical to keep track of the dividend picks that continue to remain profitable under any market scenario and weed out those that are not.

Which is what our new lists aim to do.

A Smart Way to Track Dividend Initiators, Growers and Cutters

Under this guise, has developed some smart lists for investors to help keep track of all these changes, thereby helping you maintain a steady stream of income. Using real-time dividend information, we now offer targeted dividend-focused lists that can help you view:

  • Dividend Increases
  • Dividend Decreases
  • Dividend Initiations
  • Dividend Suspensions
  • Special Dividends

With these lists, investors can hone in on strategic opportunities, keep track of their own income streams and potentially find new ways to boost their incomes.

For example, on our Dividend Increases List, investors can find picks that are increasing their next dividend. This curated list can highlight dividend picks that have continued to see rising profits, cash flows and healthy payout ratios. Since this list highlights picks that are increasing their next dividend, investors can use this info to act in real-time. Premium members can even keep track of their existing portfolio holdings by adding some of those picks from the ‘Increases’ list to their watchlists.

Stocks Increasing Their Next Dividend - Nov 30 2020

Conversely, knowing if your stock is in trouble ahead of time can pay big benefits. This is where our Dividend Decreases and Suspensions Lists can come in handy. No one likes getting a nasty surprise, particularly when paying the next month’s bills are at stake. With these lists, investors can immediately know which of their picks is about to trim or suspend their next dividend. Thus, investors can plan their next sell decisions and see which firm or fund may not be worth adding to a portfolio. And again, adding these lists to the watchlist on makes the information easily available.

Finally, our new Dividend Initiations Lists provide investors with a curated group of potential picks just starting or restarting their dividend journeys. This list can help investors discover potential picks that have survived financial troubles and are in better shape now than before. Likewise, initiating a dividend is a powerful sign that management is confident in future earnings and cash flows. This list can be used as a powerful tool to find the income streams of tomorrow. Since dividend initiations and reinitiations do not happen as frequently as dividend increases and decreases, it is recommended that investors keep checking these lists frequently to make sure they are not missing any potential opportunities.

The best part is these lists allow you to leverage the most comprehensive data and analysis tools that has to offer. Investors and their advisors can use various filters to only reveal our top-rated picks, courtesy of our industry-leading Rating & Recommendations system, as well as access more than 15 different dividend-related data metrics. All of this comes with our beautiful redesign and the newly optimized research experience across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

ETFs and Funds Decreasing Their Next Dividend - Nov 30 2020

The Bottom Line

In these tumultuous times, keeping all your dividend ducks in a row is a paramount concern. And that’s why, we at have launched our new Dividend Increasers and Decreasers Lists. Using real-time data, these cultivated lists can provide investors peace of mind with regards to their next dividend payout.

Let us know how you are using our new dividend increases and decreases lists. Watch out for this space as we launch more exciting features to help you propel on your investment journey.