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Launching Guide to continues to cement its position as the go-to resource for income investing by offering new and exciting features designed to help investors and advisors of all stripes. This includes our last round of updates that introduced new dividend-focussed ETF ratings and the dividend increases/decreases list. Given the new product launches on, sometimes it might be a bit overwhelming to find the most relevant resource.

And that’s why is also launching an easy-to-use guide for all the available tools and resources.

Our Guide to will serve as a one-stop directory for everything new and exciting on the website. Here, investors and financial advisors can begin their investment research and access our proprietary data, including our popular and top-performing Best Dividend Stocks List as well as our newly launched Dividend Increasers List. Moreover, our guide can serve as a place to perform deeper dives into investment themes and separately pick the best stock, ETF or mutual fund within those themes.

In the end, our new guide will allow investors to save time, quickly compare resources, keep track of new features and, ultimately, streamline their investment research all within an easy-to-understand interface accessible across desktop, tablet and mobile platforms.

Breaking Down the Guide to

So, what’s new and available on A lot.

  • Top 20: Using our proprietary Rating system, our Best Dividend Stocks List is the cream of the dividend crop. Using the model as a guide, our analysts choose the twenty best picks in the dividend universe based on five different metrics. This list has long been a top performer, providing dividends and capital gains to users.
  • Top-Rated Dividend Lists: Building on our much-lauded Best Dividend Stocks List are our new Top-Rated Dividends Lists. Here, investors can dig into the Rating system’s various metrics and find dividend picks winning in one or more of the specific metrics of the rating and recommendation system. This includes dividend picks with high overall dividend quality, highest safe dividend yields, most reliable payout ratios, most reliable valuations, most reliable earnings growth and best price momentum. What’s interesting is that these new lists enable investors to customize their portfolios based on their specific investment objectives and risk tolerance levels. Our popular Dividend Capture List and strategy information will also be available in this section of the guide.
  • Monthly Income: Your cable bill, mortgage and groceries need to be paid monthly, which is why finding a source of monthly income can be paramount for many investors. Our popular Monthly Income List allows investors to tap into the world of dividend-payers churning cash out 12 months of the year. The monthly lists are also categorized based on the months in which quarterly dividends are paid and you can easily use this as a starting point to build your income portfolio or conduct deeper research to augment your existing portfolio. All of this is designed to keep your income streaming flowing all year long.
  • Payout Changes: The last few months have shed light on the fact that not all dividends are a guarantee. No one likes a nasty surprise. With our new Payout Changes Lists, investors won’t have them. These curated lists use real-time data to unlock all the various shifts to dividend policy. With these lists, you can immediately know when dividend picks are either increasing, cutting or suspending their next dividend. At the same time, if you want to receive your next dividend from a new dividend payer or in the form of special dividends, our lists have you covered. In short, the real-time nature of these lists are vital to ensuring a steady income stream.
  • Sectors & Industry Exposure: Looking for a tech, healthcare or an insurance dividend stock? Our sector and industry section could be for you. Here, our comprehensive list of stocks, ETFs and mutual funds are broken down to 11 sectors, 50+ sub-sectors and more than 150 subindustries. This searchable database allows you to find opportunities in every corner of the market.
  • Popular Dividend Payers: One of the favorite tools on has been our Popular Dividend Payers pages. These include high-yielding picks, top dividend stocks In the Dow Jones Industrial Average as well as Dividend Champion and Aristocrats Lists.
  • Dividend Funds: The explosion of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and mutual funds as a way to gather dividend income has prompted us to expand coverage into this area. With our expanded coverage for dividend-paying ETFs and mutual funds, you can now choose to explore dividend-paying funds within different categories – from monthly dividend payers to technology sector picks – from this guide.
  • MLPs, REITs, Prefs and ADRs: And finally, there are a lot of “funky’ ways to get an income stream. For instance, master limited partnerships (MLPs) are structured in a way to combine the tax benefits of a private partnership with the liquidity of a publicly traded company. From an income investor’s point of view, MLPs are beneficial as they are legally mandated to distribute all available cash to investors. Like MLPs, real-estate investment trusts (REITs) are structured in a way to distribute the majority of taxable income to investors. REITs derive the majority of their income from rents, real estate sales and/or interest on mortgages. Preferred shares are different from common shares and can benefit investors by providing a priority over common shareholders to receive dividend and generating a yield that is higher than that of common shares. Additional depository receipts (ADRs) are issued by companies located outside of the United States (U.S). They are an alternative to U.S. investors to generate income as ADRs are traded in U.S. stock exchanges and are liquid just like their domestic counterparts. For investors willing to diversify their income stream away from the U.S., ADRs can be an interesting option. Our MLPs, REITs, Preferred and ADRs Lists house information specific to these areas to help investors build a diversified dividend portfolio.
  • Upgrades & Downgrades: Given the dynamic and real-time nature of Rating and Recommendation system, the ratings and their corresponding recommendations do change. For investors, this can be vital information for building a new portfolio, unlocking values or eliminating potential problems from their existing holdings. This is where our upgrades and downgrades tools come in handy. These lists house our picks that have been recently upgraded or downgraded in terms of overall Rating. Investors can also dig in further and look at changes to individual rating metrics instead of the overall rating.

The Bottom Line has continued to evolve in order to bring you more relevant tools and content designed to help make informed investment decisions. With our new guide, the process is now streamlined across all devices.

Here, investors can access all our new tools and popular dividend lists to make investment research easy, quick and more profitable. One of the key benefits is that investors can quickly access all the available stocks, ETFs and mutual funds within any of the investment themes they are interested in.

We hope that you like the new guide to Send us your feedback on how we can improve future offerings. And be sure to watch out for more exciting news on our upcoming product and feature launches.