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The 2021 Outlook for Dividends Is Great

Let’s face facts. The past year was not really great for anyone. Thanks to the pandemic, political uncertainty and a host of other issues, the market and economy have been faced with unprecedented volatility. Perhaps no one knows that better than income investors.

With earnings declining, many firms made the decision to cut their shareholder rewards over the year. Buyback activity dropped substantially. And dividends were slashed with abandon. For investors seeking income or those now in retirement, the cuts have been detrimental.

But there may be some hope on the horizon.

Thanks to positive events, the new COVID-19 vaccine and a strengthening economy, the outlook for dividends is getting better. Next year could see the return of many payouts and a return to steady dividend increases for many firms. For income seekers, this could be the signal to start buying dividend stocks once again.

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