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An Exciting Time for Biotech Stocks & Their Dividends

Aaron Levitt Oct 22, 2020

There aren’t many sectors in the market that can have both high income potential as well as high rates of internal growth. Utilities offer a high yield, but not much in the way of revenue growth. Conversely, tech stocks offer plenty of growth, but often produce paltry yields. For investors, finding the perfect combination of the two requires a balancing act.

Or you can buy biotech stocks.

While most people think of biotech stocks as lotto tickets, the reality is that many of the largest pharmas and the sector’s elder statesmen offer huge revenue streams and dividend income potential. Better still is that the current coronavirus pandemic has put the crosshairs squarely on the sector in terms of finding treatment options. Add in a positive regulatory environment and you have a recipe for getting both significant income as well as growth.

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