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Dividend Aristocrats: A Worthy Buy for All the Uncertainty

It’s no secret that investors have a lot on their plates these days. From the continued coronavirus pandemic and slowing economic growth to the upcoming U.S. presidential election and geopolitical uncertainty, there’s simply a ton of issues facing portfolios these days. So it’s no wonder why we’ve seen huge swings in the market. It’s hard to predict an outcome. This can truly create a lot of sleepless nights, especially for investors relying on their portfolios for income or to get them through their retirement.

But there is a way that investors can dial back their risk profiles, get stronger returns and potentially sleep better no matter the outcome of the election or the pandemic.

We’re talking about a select group of stocks known as the Dividend Aristocrats.

These long-term dividend payers have been a great place to hide during uncertainty and they offer plenty of income benefits to portfolios. In the end, investors of all stripes – not just dividend seekers – could benefit from holding them in a portfolio.

You can find an updated list of common stocks and dividend-paying ETFs and mutual funds that are increasing their next dividend here.

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