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Is It Finally Time To Give up on Value?

One of the biggest drawn-out fights in all of investing has to be the battle between growth and value stocks. In the short run, it’s anybody’s game. But over the long haul, value has historically been the winner. That is until the Great Recession flipped the script. Since then, growth has been the Kingpin when it comes to portfolios.

And that winning streak doesn’t look like it’s coming to an end anytime soon.

Value stocks have had many false starts over the last few quarters, only to see its lead against growth stocks dwindle. For dividend investors, this has been an interesting quandary. The value sector often has higher initial yields than growth stocks and has typically been a fertile field for income seekers. However, even a higher yield can’t overcome better total returns in the long haul.

The question now should be whether dividend seekers even consider value for their portfolios? Or will growth remain supreme?

You can find an updated list of common stocks and dividend-paying ETFs and mutual funds that are increasing their next dividend here.

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