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USA and China trade relations


Should Dividend Investors Be Worried About China?

These days, investors may be feeling a case of déjà vu. If you remember in the pre-coronavirus pandemic, the number one threat to the market’s stability was China. As the United States and Beijing tussled back and forth over their trade deals, investors were equally thrown side to side. From tariffs and fees to company bans, the situation was pretty dramatic from a volatility point of view. Those fears eventually subsided when the two nations agreed to a Phase One trade deal.

Or did they?

The tensions between the two economic powerhouses have started flaring up again. And with the war of words turning back toward sanctions, bans and potentially new tariffs, investors need to be wary. Especially considering that dividend stocks have long hitched their futures to Asia’s dragon economy.

Check out our previous update here from last December when the two nations agreed to move ahead with a trade deal.

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