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Brace for the Retail Dividend Landslide

The coronavirus has had some wide-sweeping impacts on society. As we’ve socially distanced, worked from home and ordered takeout, things have certainly changed. A variety of industries have suffered. Perhaps none more than the retailers.

The retail sector was already becoming a major battle ground. As online shopping increased and consumers looked towards omnichannel for their needs, the sector has quickly morphed into those who get it and those that don’t. Store closures, layoffs and even bankruptcies were already becoming the norm. The coronavirus has done nothing but push this narrative further.

And that’s a huge problem for dividend seekers.

Sure, we’ve already seen dividends get cut at many retailers, but such an upswing in negative activity is starting to have its effect on other tangible industries. For dividend seekers, this could mean a landslide of future cuts and lost income.

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