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The Shift to Value Could Ignite the Market’s Next Rally

Aaron Levitt Dec 05, 2019

If you had to hone in on the biggest trend during the last few months, it would have to be the shift from growth and momentum stocks into those offering more “value” for the buck. Dubbed “the Great Unwind,” investors have been abandoning growth stocks and sectors like tech at a fevered pace, which has created an economic environment where that cash is going into some of the most ignored sectors of the market. Value stocks are, once again, hot, hot, hot.

The shift into value stocks could keep the stock market rally going for some time.

Thanks to several key tailwinds – such as lower relative valuations and plentiful dividends – the shift into value stocks could continue for some time. For investors, this is wonderful news. However, the key to playing future gains is to be selective, as the market as a whole may not be the best place to be.

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