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Value Is Still a Dividend Hunter’s Dream

Aaron Levitt Nov 28, 2019

Dividend investors could finally be having the last laugh. The cause for all the chuckles? The maturation in growth stocks may be petering out.

Over the last few years, growthier fair has eaten so-called value stocks. As investors have focused on tech, healthcare and other fast-moving sectors, growth stocks have generally outperformed others on the value end of the spectrum. And they’ve done so by a decent-sized margin. For dividend seekers, this has been sort of a letdown. Historically, value stocks have been a fertile ground for higher yields. They’ve had to sit and watch more growth-stock investors capture better returns.

However, the tide may finally be shifting. Value has started to gain significant ground on growth, with the best part being that many of the trends propelling the market segment have long tailwinds. For dividend seekers, we may finally get some decent capital gains to go along with our higher yields. Better total returns await.

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