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Green energy moving ahead


Is Green Energy Finally Producing Some “Green” for Portfolios?

Aaron Levitt Oct 10, 2019

For investors, renewable energy technologies, such as solar and wind, have been a tough nut to crack over their histories. The sector has been prone to a variety of boom and bust cycles over the last decade – with bankruptcies, dwindling share prices and overall poor returns pretty commonplace. That’s made the sector more of a gamble rather than an “investment.”

And for those seeking steady dividends, renewables have been widely off the menu.

However, times may be changing in the sector. Thanks to dwindling costs, rising public demand and pro-green political policies, renewable energy producers are starting to have their day in the sun. More importantly, their cash flows and profits are starting to turn a corner. This could be a huge win for dividend investors looking toward new sources of income for their portfolios.

Learn more about the utility sector here and the strength of their dividends.

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