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Dividend Investors Shouldn’t Give Up on Value Stocks

Aaron Levitt Oct 03, 2019

Over the last decade, it’s been hard for dividend investors. Sure, the dividend growth has been great and the yields plentiful, but we’ve often had to concede major headlines to “growthier” fare. Driven by the tech sector and healthcare, growth stocks have managed all of investors’ attention. They’ve also managed to capture most of the returns. Growth stocks have continued to outperform value stocks – the traditional hunting ground for dividend seekers – by a decent margin over since the recession. That’s left many dividend investors feeling deflated.

But value hounds and dividend investors may finally have the last laugh.

It turns out that value is finally starting to regain its crown and outperform growth. And the trend doesn’t look like it’ll reverse anytime soon. For dividend investors, now may not be the time to give up on value stocks. In fact, today could be the best time to buy them for the longer haul.

You can find an updated list of companies that recently announced changes in their payout policies, along with their ex-dividend dates, in our Dividend Payout Changes and Announcements tool.

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