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Focus on These Factors for Bigger Dividends

Aaron Levitt Aug 01, 2019

If there is one trend that’s taking the investment world by storm, it has to be fundamental indexing, otherwise known as smart-beta investing. Here, investors seek to exploit the concept of factors in order to select stocks or other assets to build market-beating portfolios. The idea is that if you can select the right combination or find the “secret sauce” that makes gains happen, you can potentially tilt or construct a portfolio for better returns.

And so far, smart-beta seems to win over investors both big and small.

Dividend investors should be looking at smart-beta as well. While dividend yield and growth could be considered factors in and of themselves, top dividend stocks often have several factors in common. It turns out that a few of the popular factor varieties naturally lend themselves to dividend investing. With that, investors need to get reacquainted with smart-beta investing.

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