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5-year market gains


Investors Rejoice! We Still Have Five More Years of Gains

Aaron Levitt Jun 20, 2019

If rising volatility is any indication, investors are getting nervous. And they sort of have the right to be. The economic expansion has now gone on for more than a decade and things are starting to look dicey. From the rising issues with trade, tariffs and declining economic data to lower corporate earnings, there’s a reason to be nervous. The big swings in equities over the last few months are certainly justified.

Or are they?

We may be getting ahead of ourselves when it comes to recession as well as economic doom and gloom. In fact, the market may still have plenty of room to run and the expansion to go on further, perhaps even as much as five full years. For investors, the potential to stave off a recession and see continued expansion could mean that stocks have much further to run.

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