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market wrap april 12


The Market Wrap for April 12: A New Trade Threat Emerges

Aaron Levitt Apr 12, 2019

Traders have continued to grapple with a mix of economic, political and corporate news. And this week was no different. The markets continued to battle back and forth over both positive and negative news. Some of that news could be trouble indeed.

For one thing, this week saw the rise of a potential threat in the trade war. While the U.S. has battled China on trade for months, the skirmish looks like it is ending. However, rumors and saber-rattling have suggested that the Trump Administration is looking into tariffs and other restrictions on the European Union.

Naturally, investors weren’t too pleased with that notion this week, especially with data starting to show a mixed economic picture. The start of earnings season wasn’t helping either as profits are expected to drop and with some major bellwethers reporting a cautious outlook, stocks continued on their pace of volatility.

Perhaps, the only real good news was the release of the FOMC minutes this week. Powell & Company have adopted a dovish stance and traders cheered the decision and the potential of even a few rate cuts in the works.

In the end, the markets were hit with another round of volatile day-to-day swings this week. Investors really do need to take their motion sickness pills.

Be sure to check out our previous Wrap here, when positive trade announcements boosted shares.

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