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market performance march 29


The Market Wrap for March 29: Another Battle of Give & Take

Aaron Levitt Mar 29, 2019

Investors have to be feeling a tad bit sick these days. That’s because the cycle of give and take, back and forth has started anew. This week, volatility and large price swings managed to make for a choppy trading environment. Overall, traders and analysts have been struggling to find an answer to whether or not poor economic data was really the start of something bigger like a recession or if this was just a period of cooling off. It all played out this week as stocks rose and sold off hard in multiple sessions.

And it wasn’t just here in the U.S., as poor global data hurt the markets as well. Economies in Europe and Asia also reported some less than desirable numbers this week.

In addition to the mixed economic data, investors looked towards the yield curve and its sudden inversion at the start of the week. The ominous sign of a prediction of a recession managed to spook traders even more. And with the lack of earnings being reported, traders tried to grasp at any positives they could.

All in all, the ebb and flow of the markets managed to provide for a hard trading environment. One that managed to see the bears winning on most days.

Be sure to check out our previous Wrap here, when stocks were hit by growth concerns as well.

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