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In Downturns the Dividend Aristocrats Really Are Champions

Aaron Levitt Mar 28, 2019

The end of 2018 was a painful reminder that markets don’t always go up. As various concerns about the global economy, trade and geopolitical affairs came to the forefront, investors got nervous. Volatility jumped and they sold stocks hard. In the end, the major indexes managed to finish in the red on the year.

And while stocks have been positive over the course of this year, the winter drop and volatility show that investors may need to prep for the eventual recession-prolonged downturn associated with it. Luckily, a certain group of dividend payers could be the answer to their prayers.

We’re talking about the Dividend Aristocrats.

It turns out, these steady-eddy dividend payers with long histories of dividend increases have performed beautifully during downturns. Even better is that they’ve shown outperformance during market hiccups. For investors of all stripes, betting hard on the Dividend Aristocrats could be a great way to get through the next market malaise.

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