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dogs of the dow


Dividend Investors Need to Know These “Dogs"

Aaron Levitt Mar 14, 2019

Dividend investors and income seekers all have one thing in common. And that’s trying to get the most yield/total return with the greatest amount of safety in their portfolios. After all, if you’re retired or relying on steady dividend payments to pay your mortgage or grocery bill, you don’t want anything to interrupt that process. There are plenty of strategies and allocation decisions that can go into doing just that, but one of the best is also the simplest.

And that’s letting your portfolio go to the dogs.

The “Dogs of the Dow” is one of the easiest strategies to implement. More importantly, the strategy can produce market-beating returns and a high rate of dividend income, year in and year out. For investors, betting on the dogs could be a great way to gain extra returns and much-needed income.

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