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Mitre Media Enlarges ETF Platform and Announces New CEO

Individual investors and financial advisors have continued to migrate online to find pertinent information about new products, portfolio construction and overall investing education. The web has democratized investing information and allowed everyone access to sophisticated tools and data. Mitre Media – parent company of – has long been a leader in providing top-notch tools, content and education for investors, both big and small. And Mitre Media is taking another step forward in that mission.

Mitre Media is proud to announce that it has merged its premium exchange traded fund (ETF) brand, ETF Database, with the global leader in virtual ETF education; ETF Trends. The combination will create the largest ETF-centric and data-driven platform designed to empower financial advisors and modern individual investors. The brands will remain as stand-alone independent digital properties. However, the partnership will allow the websites to integrate tools, content, video and other assets.

A newly created parent company called ETF Flows LLC will house the ETF Trends and Brands. Former Mitre Media Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tom Hendrickson will provide operational oversight of the new firm and continue being the Chairman of the Board role at Mitre Media. Mitre Media President George Minett has been appointed to the role of CEO of Mitre Media.

The merger highlights the explosion of ETF assets and their usage among investors of all sizes. Back in 2009 when was founded, total ETF assets were only around $777 billion. Today, that number is more than $3.5 trillion. Times certainly have changed.

Dividend Market Changes

Dividend investors know about change as well.

After a decade of low interest rates and continuous stock price increases, recent rate hikes and a potentially slowing global economy has made finding top-quality sources of income and capital appreciation a bit more challenging. Former dividend favorites and certain high-yielding sectors don’t necessarily make sense these days. Rising volatility, various tax changes, social security issues and newly enacted retirement account rules haven’t helped either. All in all, new challenges have arisen when looking at dividend growth and income stocks.

Not any old dividend stock will do. Investors simply need more. The new market environment requires even better research, education and first-class data-centric tools to get the job done. Mitre Media and remain up to the task.

In order to help investors stay on top of the ever-shifting atmosphere, over the next few months Mitre Media will be expanding its suite of products and content to help investors find great dividend stocks in the new market environment. The unwavering goal is to continue to bring quality and needed information across a variety of channels to help advisors and individual investors build better outcomes.

To quote the new CEO of Mitre Media, George Minett, “I want to express our enthusiasm and excitement about serving advisors and individual investors with our bulked-up capabilities. We have some exciting projects in the works and I look forward to continue driving innovation for our audiences.”

The Bottom Line

Overall, Mitre Media’s focus and products have always been about helping people invest their savings, independently and affordably. The recent ETFdb and ETF Trends merger and our continued roll-out of new dividend-focused content/tools at are prime examples of supporting that mission.

For more details, check out the press release.