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Packaging Company with 36+ Years of Dividend Increases Maintains Position on Best Dividend Stocks List

$850 billion. That’s a big number. It also happens to be how much consumers spent this holiday season and the lion’s share of that spending was through online and omnichannel means. Overall, online shopping this holiday season saw a big 19.1% increase as more shoppers look to their keyboards and phones to make their purchases. It just goes to show how much online and e-commerce have changed the game.

And winning that war is our Best Dividend Stock Pick in the consumer products sector.

Our pick has been one of the biggest winners from the shift to online shopping, warehousing and e-commerce sales. That’s because our pick makes something all retailers – online, in-store or omnichannel – need to survive in the environment. We’re talking about innovative package and shipping solutions.

Protective packaging for shipping to stores and homes might not seem like a booming business, but thanks to the recent surge in online and omnichannel shopping, our new pick has become a rising star. Sales continue to hit records and profits have jumped at our new pick. Online shopping has given new life to the more than 120-year-old company. Boring is now beautiful.
Already, our pick has seen some pretty great dividend growth over its history. But as the record online sales over the holiday season show, our pick still has plenty of room to rack up more revenues, profits and dividend potential.

For investors, our stock pick provides a nice backdoor play on rising e-commerce growth – without having to pick an actual winner in the retail sector.

Check out our original pick here.

To summarize, here are five reasons why you should own this stock:

  1. Protective products like boxes and internal packaging components accounted for more than half of its sales, making it a prime play on online shopping growth.
  2. Strong holiday growth and continued boosts to online shopping have allowed it to raise full-year 2019 guidance by roughly 8%.
  3. Increasing move into higher margined areas such as sterile and additional protective packaging solutions for retail and healthcare markets.
  4. Has paid a dividend for more than 375 consecutive quarters and has increased its payout consistently over the last 36+ years.
  5. Healthy payout ratio of 49% and growing yield of 3.07%.

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