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Dividend logo has added an international beverage firm to the Best Dividend Stocks List and removed a retailer from the list.

With the market starting to get a bit dicey, investors are once again making a flight to safety. Consumer products, utility and even healthcare stocks are once again on the menu. The only problem is, many of these safe stocks don’t exactly come with a ton of growth behind them. Luckily, for our new consumer products Best Dividend Stocks List pick, investors can get the best of both worlds – recession-resistant safety and a big amount of growth.

Our pick was created as the result of a mega-merger uniting three of the largest beverage companies across the world. With operations in more than 13 countries and sales located in countless more, our pick manages to provide drinks for more than 300 million customers. The best part is that demand for our pick’s products doesn’t seem to be affected by recessionary pressures. Low price points make them accessible to all.

But there is also plenty of growth ahead.

With only it being year two of the merger, our pick continues to wring out additional cost efficiencies with success. Additionally, our pick has continued to make the move into healthier beverages here in Western Europe and the United States to take advantage of changing health trends. At the same time, rising emerging market growth has allowed it to continue to gain overall sales.

All of this has made the firm a dividend champion in its few short years on the planet churning out steady payouts to investors.

To summarize, here are five reasons why you should own this stock:

  1. Generated more than €11 billion in revenue and more than €2 billion in profits last year.
  2. Truly benefiting from M&A, realizing nearly $275 million in synergies in just two years and more is on the way.
  3. Recession-resistant product that generates plenty of cash flows and dividends for its shareholders.
  4. Pre-merger, its main operating body had 9 years’ worth of dividend growth, and post-merger, the firm has continued to deliver strong payouts to its investors.
  5. Healthy payout ratio of 42% and growing yield of 2.52%.
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