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Gilead Sciences Moves up 3 Spots on Most Watched Stocks List Ahead of Dividend Payout

Anish Sharma Jun 12, 2018

Last week was quite uneventful on the Most Watched Stocks List as there was no major movement among stocks.

Consumer goods stocks are still holding strong, medical technology and biotech stocks are witnessing some northward movement, while utilities are slipping away from investors’ radar due to high interest rates. Investors continue to ignore trade wars and pushed the Dow above 25,000, which acted as a significant resistance level. An interest rate hike seems certain as the unemployment rate is at a record low of 3.8%.

Our focus this week is on a major drug manufacturer, which moved up five places due to a significant change in its DARS rating, a biotech stock that moved up ahead of its dividend payout, a small cap company that has had an incredible 61 years of consecutive dividend growth and Warren Buffett’s favorite beverage company.

The top 15 stocks on this list have rarely moved since the list was launched 18 months ago. By looking at how the top stocks in this list look, it’s easy to see that investors prefer a mix of growth and high dividend yields. DARS plays a significant influence on how stocks in this list move. Upgrades and rank improvement in the list go hand in hand, along with downgrades and falling rank deterioration.

Our Most Watched Stocks List is a user-generated, interest-based ranking of dividend-paying stocks, giving you a real-time snapshot of buying interest in the market. Generated by our Premium members’ watchlists, it’s aggregated and ranked by the most watched criteria.

The list has been designed to help income investors navigate the top dividend stocks being tracked by one of the world’s most advanced investing communities.

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