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Market hiccups.


How to Navigate Market Hiccups

Aaron Levitt Apr 03, 2018

Getting seasick yet? Don’t look now, but the stock market is getting a tad bit wavy.

Since about mid-February, volatility has kicked into high gear. We’ve now had some of the biggest intraday swings in a long while and the overall trend for the major indices is down. This can be pretty nerve-racking for investors. After all, it can be unsettling to see your portfolio sink in such a big way.

And because of that, many investors panic and flee to cash.

However, that might not be the best strategy for the long term. In fact, doing so can actually harm your overall returns. With that in mind, some practical advice on how to navigate the market’s ups and downs seems prudent.

Find out why the tax plan could be great for your portfolio here.

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