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Chemical Giant Strengthens Position on Best Dividend Stocks List With 16% Dividend Hike

It’s no secret that the world has returned to growth. Around the world, GDP measures continue to see increases as business, consumer and government activity have all been rising. And our Best Dividend Stocks List’s pick in the chemicals sector is in a unique position to benefit from the rising activity.

As one of the largest providers of feedstocks and gases for numerous commercial and consumer products, our pick continues to see increasing sales, cash flows and profits. All of which has translated into bigger dividends for our pick’s investors.

As if 30+ years’ worth of dividend increases wasn’t enough, our pick is prepared to deliver even more. That’s because it continues to grow globally through smartbolt acquisitions, including a hefty dose of big buyouts in faster-growing emerging markets like India and China. The bolt-ons – in addition to scooping up market share in Europe – will continue to provide cash flow and an earnings boost as the world’s economy heats up.

With its strong economic moat and ability to profit from rising growth, our best dividend stock chemical pick should continue in its position as a dividend achiever.

To summarize, here are five reasons why you should own this stock:

  1. Massive moat as one of the largest firms in its fragmented industry and it continues to get bigger through smart M&A.
  2. Increasingly global footprint with operations in over 50 countries.
  3. Huge winner from the Republican tax plan via growth and overseas cash repatriation.
  4. 75-year operating history with 30+ consecutive years of dividend increases.
  5. A steadily increasing 2.59% yield and healthy payout ratio of 60%.

The DARS model has been updated recently. Find out more about these changes here.

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