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A 5% dividend increase was enough to convince dividend investors to start tracking Colgate-Palmolive (CL), as the stock jumped four places on the list from the 95th to the 91st rank.

After looking at its dividend credentials, one wonders why the stock is not tracked by dividend investors in their watchlists enough. A solid yield of 2.37% and a payout ratio of 52% leaves ample room for the company to grow its dividend. Couple that with an expected earnings growth of 8% from 2018 to 2019 means that the company is on target to improve its dividend growth track record to 55 years. Its next payout of 42 cents per share (ex-dividend date April 19) is an increase of 5% from its previous payout of 40 cents per share. No surprise that the stock is currently ranked as the top stock in the personal products industry.

Other stocks that moved in the list last week include Mattel, which fell a spot and is now on the verge of exiting this list. Caterpillar, which is the highest-rated farm & construction machinery industry stock, moved up three places ahead of its expected earnings announcement on April 24. PPL Corporation moved up two spots from 90 to 88 as the company declared a dividend increase during the last week of February. The stock could be a potential dividend trap as the the company’s stock price slide has pushed the yield closer to 6%

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