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A couple discussing retirement plans.


Five Big Changes to Retirement in 2018

Aaron Levitt Mar 08, 2018

There’s no secret that we should all be saving more for retirement and do so in a tax-efficient manner.

The problem is, saving for retirement in a very dynamic market. And, once again, the new year is shaping up to be an interesting one for savers. Thanks to the newly enacted Republican tax plan and other key provision changes, the new year is bringing a host of tweaks to retirement and other savings plans.

Using these changes to your advantage can lower taxes, allow you to take advantage of greater compounding and, ultimately, meet your goals.

The trouble is knowing what exactly has changed and how to implement the differences into your savings plan/portfolio. With that, here’s a rundown on what to expect in the new year.

Explore our IRA Guide section to know more about retirement investment strategies.

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