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Unsung Tech Hero With 20+ Years of Dividend History Makes It to Our Best Dividend Stocks List

Abhishek Gupte Feb 21, 2018

Dividend.com has added an international technology company to the Best Dividend Stocks List and removed a commercial real estate firm from the list.

With the world’s economy becoming ever-more connected, some of the best opportunities for investors may lie overseas. And this includes our new pick in the technology sector as an example. By providing the main backbone for every technology sector, our pick has created a profitable niche for itself as a leading producer of semiconductors and various analog chips.

The key lies in our pick’s unique business model.

Rather than focus on designing and engineering semiconductors, our pick does the heavy lifting for other firms. It takes their designs and produces them for a hefty fee. That’s a lucrative position to be in. As one of the largest pure-play foundries in the world, our pick features hefty margins, cash flows and a long history of both cash and stock dividend payments.

Even better is that our pick has continued to move into even higher-margined production of smaller chipsets such as artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency mining and mobile computing. That should keep the high profits and dividends coming for quite some time.

With that in mind, our technology pick’s inclusion on the Best Dividend Stocks List is a culmination of its continued efforts and long dividend history.

To summarize, here are five reasons why you should own this stock:

  1. Invests in new production facilities for faster and more specialized semiconductors across mobile computing, AI and even bitcoin mining.
  2. With a wide variety of revenue sources and customers, our pick managed to produce more than $32 billion in sales last year alone.
  3. Our pick’s gross profit has been consistently around 50% over the last two years!
  4. Has been paying both stock and cash dividends every year since it went public back in 1994.
  5. Low payout ratio of 37.1% and healthy yield of 2.20%.

Soft Removal of a Commercial Real Estate Firm From Best Dividend Stocks List

We re-added our real estate stock to the Best Dividend Stocks List over the summer. However, to make room for our top tech pick, we are performing a soft removal of it from the list. And just like last time, our model’s rules-based nature is the reason. The firm still features very high scores across the bulk of our DARS metrics, with a high overall score of 3.9. However, thanks to our tie-breaker rules, stocks with smaller market caps are removed from the list to make room for larger ones. And that’s exactly what happened here. With that, the commercial real estate firm has been removed from the Best Dividend Stocks List, but it remains an excellent pick for income seekers

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