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Back in July 2017, Government Properties Income Trust (GOV ) was ranked at the 71st spot. Last week’s move put it at the 58th spot on the Most Watched Stocks List on dividend.com. That’s a total jump of 13 places in the last 7 months, which is one of the biggest jumps any stock has seen on the list.

With its price hovering at the $18-20 range since July of last year, GOV is one of those rare high-yielding stock whose price is stable. GOV pays out more than 80% of its earnings as dividends, which has resulted in a yield of 9.56%. GOV’s payout of 43 cents every quarter has not changed since 2012.

93% of this REIT’s revenue from the 72 properties that it owns comes from the government. This provides a very unique exposure to any investor’s portfolio.

The stock is down 21% from its 52-week high, which presents a golden opportunity for investors to get into a stock that they haven’t already invested in. Moody’s and the S&P have both rated the stock as an investment grade stock that adds great confidence in this REIT’s ability to continue generating income in the long run.

Other stocks that moved in the list last week were very predictable. Mattel continued its downward slide, while Realty Income Corp. (O ) continued its upward movement. ConocoPhillips (COP ), the multinational energy company, also moved up a place to the 22nd rank.

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