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One of the biggest talking points in financial planning these days is longevity. Thanks to advances in medical research and new therapies, we are living longer than ever. To couple with that new reality, retirement ages have started to creep upward. After all, we need the extra time to save more and push out when we must start withdrawing from our portfolios.

But it turns out that’s not necessarily a good thing.

According to several new reports, kicking the can on retirement is actually having a dramatic effect on our health. This could be a serious issue and, in the grand scheme of things, could wipe out the gains from working longer in the first place.

Longevity Changing the Game

Take a look at almost any retirement or financial planning advertisement and the common theme seems to focus on longevity. Medical science has continued to advance in ways never thought possible before. New innovations in biotech and medical devices have continued to increase our living years.

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