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Social security card with the word "broke" written over it


America's Biggest Retirement Fear: A Broke Social Security Program

Aaron Levitt Nov 08, 2017

There are a lot of fears when it comes to planning for and living in retirement. And if you ask anybody what their number one concern would be, odds are they’d mention something about healthcare costs. That’s certainly a valid worry to have.

But according to a new survey from insurer Nationwide, our most significant fear in retirement comes from something we all take for granted. We’re talking about Social Security.

Given how crucial social security is for so many of us when it comes to retirement, Nationwide’s survey is most definitely an eye-opener and cause for concern. A little hand-holding may be needed.

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Negatively Impacting Social Security Benefits

Investors saving for retirement are worried. But the worry isn’t coming from lower returns or the effects of inflation on their portfolios. The angina is coming from Washington. More to the point, what Washington is going to do to their Social Security benefits. According to Nationwide, Social Security woes are the number one concern many retirees are facing while planning for their golden years.

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