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Looking for Bargains? Europe Is Still Cheap

Aaron Levitt Oct 10, 2017

It’s hard to get too excited about stocks in the U.S. these days. Although, It’s not that they haven’t been performing well. Every day it seems that the broad indexes are hitting new historical and record highs. The problem is that they have been hitting those highs for a while now. Value seems to be missing from the equity markets, especially since November.

For value hounds, this presents an interesting quandary. Go “dumpster diving” and take a chance on some potential problem stocks or forget about searching and ride the current wave of enthusiasm. But there is a third option: ignore the U.S. altogether.

European equities still offer plenty of value these days even after their recent run-ups. For value investors and dividend seekers, Europe could be the place to put new money these days.

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Big Gains, Big Bargains

While the advances in American equities has been known for some time, Europe has surprisingly been riding high as well.

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