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Phillips 66 Jumps 4 Places in the Most Watched Stocks List as Hurricane Harvey Hits Texas

As one of the costliest hurricanes in history, Harvey, rammed the gulf coast killing 10 people and disrupting 2 million barrels a day of refining capacity, dividend investors focused their attention on one particular stock in which Warren Buffett has a nearly $4.5 billion stake: Phillips 66 (PSX ).

Phillips 66 saw the highest jump in rankings last week as dividend investors added this stock to their watchlists. There was both good news and bad news for PSX as Harvey forced it to shut down the Sweeny refinery, which produces 247,000 barrels a day, due to concerns of flooding. Gasoline prices rose on Monday, benefiting PSX’s midstream business. With both segments canceling each other out, one can speculate that investors are keeping a close eye on this stock as it has risen above its key support level of $80 over the past few days.

Other major stocks that saw movement in the Most Watched Stocks List were Bank of America (BAC ), which recently increased its dividend by 60%, and garbage & waste disposal company Waste Management (WM ), which saw its rank move up after a long stagnancy. Meanwhile, Realty Income Corp (O ) once again saw its rank improve – a regular feature every week.

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