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Dividend Dispatch Podcast: Every Day is Groundhog Day

The Market In 6 Minutes

On this episode, Jeff recaps another volatile week on the markets and tells us what to expect for the week of February 8th.

It’s the same story that’s basically been playing out since October of last year. Each week, it seems that a different group of players — whatever flavor of the day they may be — are pulling stocks in different directions. Data was all over the place this past week, key economic metrics, like manufacturing numbers and unemployment data, skewed towards the negative. Mixing the markets was consumer sentiment data suggesting that confidence was high.

All in all, the story remains the same — the direction of the market has been at the mercy of the this minute’s latest crisis or biggest news story.

77 stocks go ex-dividend this week, with some marquis names on that list. As well, the’s user search trends may not “surprise you,” but the queries are always intriguing; we break these down for you as to what your fellow investors might be searching for.