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Dividend Dispatch Podcast: The Fed loves us, the Fed loves us not

On Monday's Show

With next week being Thanksgiving, investors should expect muted trading volumes, at least in the back half of the week. While we’re all daydreaming about good home cooking, Sunday’s big matches on the grid iron and over doing it on the wine and turkey — the markets are potentially entering a very interesting phase.

If this happens, it will be the first time in a long time that we’ve seen an interest rate increase — data, trends and reports have all largely been on the positive side, but only by a hair or two, though perhaps we should let any positive numbers be the good news that carry us into a new “post-post-recession era”.

No one can know for sure what the Fed Hike will mean in the short term, though, news of the rate hike sent markets upward, signs that we’re all optimistic for what the winter months have in store for us — so here’s hoping Yellen and the Fed are no longer toying with us. I picture a man on a bench pulling the petals off a daisy, mumbling: “The Fed loves us, the Fed loves us not”. We just want to know.

The situation is a funny blend of fragility and excitement — like a puppy cautiously taking its first few timid steps outside.

On this week’s episode of Dividend Dispatch, we look at how volume will affect the markets next week, some interesting, if not shocking, search trends, as well as 15 of the best 269 stocks going ex-dividend.

Talk to you Monday morning at 7am.