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News Podcast: Profit From Your Commute!

Profit From Your Commute

Starting Saturday November 7th, wants to sit shotgun with you on your commute!’s expert analysis will jump from your screen to your speakers with its new podcast radio show, Dividend Dose. Dose will ease you into the week ahead with a look at what’s coming down the pipe in the world of finance with a smart look ahead to the next five investment days—all from a dividend-centric point of view.

What to Expect?

The show will focus on key news from the week previous and the expected releases, speeches, ex-dividend dates and any other big pieces of news for the week ahead. These forecasts and analyst estimates help when doing research—whether you’re looking to buy something new for your portfolio, or undecided about whether or not to stay put for the moment.

The show will also have entertaining and educational moments such as look backs at some of the greatest financial blunders in history, along with tried and true investment philosophies.

Underlined Assurance

While the talking head’s on TV thrive by telling you daily that the sky is falling or “Rome is burning,” we’ll be cutting your research time in half, reminding you to build wealth in a slow and steady fashion—providing you with insights that are summed up between your door and your desk.


The show will be live on each and every Saturday morning at 10am for your listening pleasure! Whether you digest Dose that day, on Sunday’s before brunch or Monday mornings on your commute, Dose will get your week started off right.

You can stream Dividend Dose from anywhere your cell phone gets reception.

As always, if you feel there’s something in the show that you’d really like to hear, you can tweet the show anytime @DividendDotCom to let us know your thoughts or ask us questions. Use #DivDose for best response time.