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Analyst Moves for July 14: HVT, DK, KO, CAH, PSX


Stock News: Analyst Moves for July 14 - HVT, DK, KO, and More

Below are the dividend stocks that were subject to analyst moves before the bell. Analysts weigh in with insight and commentary as to what you can expect going forward.

1. Haverty Furniture Upgraded by Raymond James

Retail furniture distributor Haverty Furniture (HVT ) saw its stock upgraded on Tuesday with Raymond James confirming an Outperform and a new price target of $25.00. This comes after the company reported a rise of 7% in Q2 sales last week. Finishing Monday’s session at $22.64 (down 0.2%), Haverty’s adjusted dividend yield is 1.41% with an annual payout of $0.32 (paid quarterly). The stock is 12.92% from its 52-week high.

2. Delek U.S. Holdings Upgraded by Goldman Sachs

Delek U.S. Holdings (DK) was upgraded on Tuesday with Goldman Sachs lifting their rating from a Neutral to a Buy. No price target was provided. The company refines and wholesale markets oil and gas. Finishing Monday’s session at $37.83 (no change), Delek’s adjusted dividend yield is 1.59% with an annual payout of $0.60 (paid quarterly). The stock is 8.07% from its 52-week high.

3. Coca-Cola Upgraded by UBS

Beverage manufacturer Coca-Cola (KO ) saw its stock upgraded pre-market on Tuesday with UBS changing their rating to Buy and updating the target price to $48.00. Finishing Monday’s session at $40.66 (up 0.7%), Coca-Cola’s adjusted dividend yield is 3.25% with an annual payout of $1.32 (paid quarterly). The stock is 9.64% from its 52-week high.

4. Cardinal Health Downgraded by Evercore ISI

Wholesale pharmaceutical supplier Cardinal Health (CAH ) was downgraded pre-market on Tuesday with Evercore ISI confirming a new Hold rating. No price target was supplied. Recently the company completed a $1.12 billion acquisition of The Harvard Drug Group. Finishing Monday’s session at $86.12 (up 0.7%), Cardinal’s adjusted dividend yield is 1.80% with an annual payout of $1.55 (paid quarterly). The stock is 6.30% from its 52-week high.

5. Phillips 66 Downgraded by Goldman Sachs

Oil and gas marketer Phillips 66 (PSX ) saw its stock downgraded to Neutral by Goldman Sachs on Tuesday. No price target was supplied. The company confirmed overnight that the Capwood pipeline, which produces 277,000 barrels per day, had been shut down due to a crude oil leak. Phillips 66 does not believe this will have any effect on its Wood River, Illinois refinery. Finishing Monday’s session at $83.42 (up 2.4%), Phillips 66’s adjusted dividend yield is 2.69% with an annual payout of $2.24 (paid quarterly). The stock is 5.18% from its 52-week high.