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Earnings for June 22 (DSWL, EBF)

A number of dividend-paying companies posted their quarterly results before today’s market open. Below is an in-depth look at a few of the mornings earnings announcements.

1. Deswell Industries (DSWL) Reports Q4 Numbers

Deswell Industries produces a wide range of plastic parts and products that are used in the manufacture of consumer electronics and industrial products. The company also produces precision sheet metal products and tools.


The company reported a Q4 EPS of $0.00 against an EPS of $0.19 over the same quarter last year. EPS for FY 2015 came in at $0.18.


The company reported a Q4 revenue of $8.1 million versus a Q4 2014 revenue of $7.9 million. Revenue for FY 2015 was $29.94 million


Deswell Industries did not post any guidance with the Q4 results.


The company has an annual dividend payout of $0.14 per share ($0.035 paid quarterly). The last dividend was paid on 03/19/2015. Deswell Industries hasn’t announced any future dividend payment date.

2. Ennis (EBF) Beats Q1 Estimate

Ennis Inc. is a global producer and retailer of printed business products and apparel. The Texas-based company employs 6,000 people worldwide and is currently affiliated with over 40,000 global distributors.


Ennis Inc. announced its first quarter results before the opening bell today. Earnings were better than expected with the Q1 EPS of $0.36 beating the consensus figure of $0.35 by 1 cent. The company had earlier reported a FY 2015 loss of $44.53 million.


Q1 revenue was reported at $150.6 million which was higher than the analyst estimate of $149.3 million. Revenue for FY 2015 was $580.24 million.


Ennis Inc. has a dividend payout of $0.70 per share ($0.175 paid every quarter). The company paid its last dividend on 05/04/2015. The company will pay its next dividend on 08/07/2015.