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Analyst Moves: 2 Up 2 Down (SYT, AGII, BEP, VZ)

Jeff Valks May 12, 2015

Several dividend stocks were subject to analyst moves before the opening bell on Tuesday, May 12. We highlight the most important changes below.

Syngenta Upgraded

Bernstein upgraded Syngenta (SYT ) from “Underperform” to “Market Perform”. Shares of Syngenta closed at $85.60 yesterday.

Argo Group International Upgraded to “Strong Buy”

Raymond James upgraded Argo Group International (AGII ) from “Outperform” to “Strong Buy” with a price target of $60.00. Shares of Argo Group International closed Monday at $51.30.

Credit Suisse Downgrades Brookfield

Credit Suisse downgraded Brookfield Renewable Energy (BEP ) from “Neutral” to “Underperform” with a price target of $38.00. The three main factors for the downgrade, according to analyst A. M. Kuske, are near-term concerns regarding long-term average production weakness, balancing distress-oriented acquisitions with enhanced near-term cash flows, and balancing relative ratings in our coverage universe. Shares of Brookfield Renewable Energy closed at $31.73 on Monday.

Verizon Communications Downgraded to “Underperform”

Macquarie downgraded Verizon Communications (VZ ) from “Neutral” to “Underperform”. Yesterday, shares of Verizon Communications closed at $49.80. It is important to note that VZ recently announced it will buy AOL for $4.4 billion.

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