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Most Followed Dividend-Paying Companies on Twitter

For most bellwether companies, reputation is everything – a company’s brand recognition has a major impact on how its products and services are perceived in the eyes of consumers, which at the end of the day translates into revenues.

While this has long been the case, in today’s economy especially, the emergence and growing adoption of social media has taken the concept of branding to a whole new level. A company’s online presence can incite everything from awareness to controversy, and because of this, it’s no wonder that many of the biggest firms on Wall Street are paying close attention to their reputation on the web.

One way to gauge which firms are best at connecting with their customers through the web is by taking note of their Twitter presence; while it’s not to say that more followers translates into better earnings growth, it’s undeniable that a firm’s social media presence impacts how the company is perceived by consumers as well as investors [see also Best Global Brands That Pay Dividends].

Most Popular Dividend Stocks on Twitter

Below we highlight the most followed twitter accounts of dividend-paying companies:

The Bottom Line

In today’s economy, social media plays an important role when it comes to branding. For Twitter accounts with the most followers, their web presence is more vital to their brand recognition than others. In the examples highlighted above, we see how consumers have embraced both retailers as well as purveyors of news on Twitter, further showcasing the ever-expanding reach of social media in our lives.

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