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Top 7 Books on Dividend Investing

As dividend investors, we are always looking to expand our knowledge of the stock market. There are hundreds of books that will help you become a better investor, but we have narrowed that list to just seven that we think you should add to your reading list. Below are some of the best investing books for dividend investors.

Shareholder Yield: A Better Approach to Dividend Investing

By: Meb Faber

For one of the best books on investing, investors should consider “Shareholder Yield: A Better Approach to Dividend Investing.” The book is a quick read that focuses shareholder value with dividends, share buybacks and debt pay down. The book is filled with information about finding the best dividend stocks in a low yield world. This book is a great read for new dividend investors as well as experienced investors.

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Dividends Still Don’t Lie

By: Kelley Wright

This book is the follow up book from the 1988 book “Dividends Don’t Lie” which was written by Geraldine Weiss. “Dividends Still Don’t Lie” focuses on teaching investors how to invest in safe, dividend friendly blue chip stocks. The book also touches on several other stock and bond related subjects including buy and sell strategies for dividend stocks. This book is a great choice for investors seeking one of the best investment books for dividend investors.

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The Ultimate Dividend Playbook: Income, Insight and Independence for Today’s Investor

By: Josh Peters

Published by Morningstar, this book is a great addition for a dividend investor’s collection. Although this book was written prior to the financial crisis, it still provides a great amount of insight for a dividend investor.

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The World Is Flat

By: Thomas Friedman

While “The World is Flat” is not necessarily a book that is focused on investing, it is a great read for someone who is interested in the concept of business globalization. The book is much longer than some of the other works mentioned, but it’s very thought provoking.

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The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need

By: Andrew Tobias

This book focuses on several aspects of money management. It begins with a list of cost-cutting measures to take if you are managing money and continues on to discuss strategies on buying bonds, stocks, commodities and real estate. The book is a great choice for an investor who would like to read up on several different investing topics.

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Active Value Investing

By: Vitaliy Katsenelson

“Active Value Investing” focuses on the buy-and-hold strategy. The book goes into several different subjects with stocks and bonds and touches upon valuation and diversification. This book is one of the best books on investing for dividend investors.

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Value Investing: From Graham to Buffett and Beyond

By: Bruce Greenwald

Written by professors at Columbia University, this book is great for investors who already have some knowledge of accounting and finance. The book overviews several valuation methods as well as other sources of value. Following an introduction of value methods, Greenwald shows these techniques with examples including Warren Buffett, Michael Price and Mario Gabelli.

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The Bottom Line

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