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10+ Year-Increasing Network-Focused Semiconductor Firm Reaffirmed In Best Technology Dividend Stocks List

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the buzzword du jour right now. And while some of the hype is just talk and perhaps even overblown, AI has plenty of potential as a major tech trend. But rather than invest in a tech start-up, it pays to go with a sure thing like our latest Best Technology Dividend Stocks List pick. Our pick has long been a player in some of the biggest trends in computing, delivering years’ worth of dividend growth. Investors can take advantage of the opportunity by buying the stock before it goes ex-dividend on Tuesday, March 21, with a regular quarterly payout of $4.6 per share.

You can check out the Best Technology Dividend Stocks List to explore all the stocks.

Our pick is a producer of network solutions, including plenty of connectivity semiconductors as well as virtualization software and products. These solutions will be in demand as more firms will be required to upgrade their networks/server farms to deal with rising AI adoption, which puts our pick right in the crosshairs of the major tech movement.

As if that wasn’t enough, overall network upgrades, 10G broadband replacements, rising cloud computing adoption and other IoT/big data needs are already increasing sales for our pick. The combination provides a long runway for profits and continued dividend growth.

In the end, by focusing on tech’s backbone, our pick has continued to position itself to win over the long haul – and investors have won right along with it.

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