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10+ Year-increasing Defense & Digital Consultant Reaffirmed in Best Technology Dividend Stocks List

When a single hacker can bring down an entire pipeline or steal millions of consumer’s vital information, digital defense and getting a tech stack right is a paramount issue. But not every I.T. department is up to the task. It takes a deft hand to find all the right solutions and get the new digital battlefield right. And that’s why our latest Best Technology Dividend Stocks List pick has continued to see its cash flow and sales surge over the last few years. In fact, just last quarter, sales surged by over 12%!

You can check out the Best Technology Dividend Stocks List to explore all the stocks.

The secret to our pick’s success is that it’s a provider of advice. As one of the largest consultants on the planet, our pick has been providing needed project advice for over 100 years. In recent decades, its advice has focused on providing digital and cybersecurity recommendations to Uncle Sam and state/local governments. That fact has made it a cash cow for its shareholders.

But lately, the private sector has turned to our pick for advice on digital security and implementation. As hackings continue to grow and businesses are being held more liable for these actions, demand for tech advice is growing. And as the go-to name for governments, our pick is garnering a lot of attention from the private sector.

And investors have profited handsomely. Thanks to high margins, our pick features a five-year dividend growth of over 20%, which crushes the growth of the broader market, the tech sector and many of its consultant rivals. With that dividend growth rate in tow, a long history of buybacks and a decent 2% current yield, our pick makes for a top stock to buy in the technology sector.

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